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About Creative Design Center

Our business has very simple principles that we strive to achieve on a daily basis. We are open 7 days a week because this is what we do. We make ourselves available to our customers as often as possible. We encourage people to call our cell phones whenever they need us. We deal with the center or heart of the home. The place where families gather: the kitchen. It is something we understand is very important to the people we deal with. The reason we can say “Satisfied customers have been coming to this location for their kitchen and bath needs for over 50 years” is because it is true. First as a manufacturer and 30 years ago as a retail location, people know we are here and what we do. It is not unusual for someone to walk in and say “you did my parents kitchen 20 years ago.”

We never lose focus of what that means. We tell everyone we strive for 3 things with every sale. First, the obvious: a satisfied customer. Second, a customer that wants to refer us and tell their friends “you must go there”. Third, and this is the part that we believe truly separates us, we want people to see your kitchen or bath after it is done and think you spent more money than you did. That is the creative part of our name. We treat every project as a special design. We partner with manufacturers that offer great value. We understand design and function and always strive to make it special and Creative. Every budget deserves the best design, best value and best service available. Our promise is to always keep that as our goal and do everything we can to have our customers feel we have succeeded.

Larry Sturman, President
Marge Masella, Vice President

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